Departments and Standing Committees

In addition to the monthly general meetings, NBWC members are encouraged to choose one or more Departments and/or Standing Committees to support.

Departments are structured to enable our club to use the resources of our membership to address the needs of our community by focusing on the major issues of our time—supporting women’s health, preserving natural resources, promoting literacy and equality, and encouraging volunteer service—and fall into the following areas of focus: ArtsEducation, Home Life, and Public Issues. Each Department sets its own meeting date and time, elects a chairman, and determines its own charitable contributions within the annual club budget.   They also may initiate their own fundraising projects.

Standing Committees like Meals on Wheels, Bike MS, and Holly & Ivy Committee are all examples of standing committees that rely on the support of club members to function throughout the year.  All members are expected to support Holly & Ivy by acting as docents in the houses and donating cookies for the Sugar Plum Treats House.  Each year, special project committees are created to assist in fundraising and other club activities such as the SMART Girls Tea and Precious Purses Drive.


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