Vial of Life


Your Basic Medical Information Can Save Your Life

Vial of Life is designed to speak for you when you can’t speak for yourself. The vial contains important medical information that can assist emergency personnel in administering the proper medical treatment.

  1. Fill out the Vial of Life form – Click here form and instructions

Fill out the backside of the Vial of Life form. Answer all or any pertinent questions.  Make blank copies of this form so that you can update with new prescriptions and health issues.  Always keep this form updated.

  1. Place the decal on front of a plastic baggie – Click here for printable decal

Fold and place the form you filled out in the plastic baggie.  You may also consider placing the following items in the baggie: Copy of EKG, Living Will or equivalent, DNR (Do Not Resuscitate), copy or driver’s license or recent photo of yourself

  1. Place the baggie on your refrigerator door

Use clip magnet to hang baggie on the front of your refrigerator with a copy of the decal showing.

  1. Place the second decal on your front door

Place the decal on the front door so it can easily be seen by anyone responding to an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions – click here
**Presentation Materials for NBWC Members: click here**

This program is being sponsored by the New Bern Woman’s Club in partnership with Craven County Emergency Services, Carolina East Emergency Medical Services  and the New Bern Police Department

Our thanks to our other sponsors – Alphagraphics, Realo Drugs, International Paper and Carolina East Volunteer Services

Civic and Religious Organizations, we would love to come tell your members about this program.
Click here for information about ordering forms, decals and how to contact us.